Vintage-T Syncs

At Vintage-T, we offer a one-stop shop for synchronization licenses for music across numerous genres. We have a catalog of artist-owned music making your synchronization needs all obtainable in one place including custom pieces.  

Music licensing for film, television, video games, commercials and all mediums is a detailed process, so we take on those details for you! We research our catalogue and handle the legalities with our talented artists to find the music to bring your vision to life.  

Every licensing need is different. Our pricing is based on your project specifications including: length of music needed and how the music is intended to be used. 

Our Process...

1. Decide your music needs. You may need background music or the most pivotal part of your film's soundtrack. Determine the specific tone, length, genre and energy you are envisioning.    

2. Let us find you options. We will search our catalogue and present you with options that fit your content's needs.    

3. Decide what you like! We will handle the paperwork and get you the music you need. 

Vintage-T Roster

Avant blonde

Recording Artist & Songwriter

Avant Blonde is a recording artist based out of Atlanta, GA. Inspired by The White Stripes, Nirvana, The Strokes and more, his punk rock sound is full of honest vocals and guitar driven compositions. 

Dani Fiondella ("D")

Recording Artist, Songwriter & Producer

Dani Fiondella, known as “D”, is a recording and performing artist, music producer and founder of Vintage-T Music LLC.  D is a pop - singer/songwriter artist.  She attended Berklee College of Music as a vocalist and later completed her Masters in Screenwriting at FSU’s College of Motion Picture Arts. Being a big-city girl, her creativity is inspired by the cities where she’s lived – Boston, DC, LA and the grunge style of London.  


Recording Artist & Songwriter

Don Neil is a rap recording artist and songwriter based out of Baltimore. His work conveys messages that it's okay to be young and not sure of which road to take, but at the same time, have motivation, be patient, and have fun. 

Elisa Smith

Recording Artist & Songwriter

Elisa's songs elicit feelings of nostalgia, pride, wanderlust, heartbreak, and good ol' fashioned boot-stompin' mischief. In 2018, she released her debut EP, "Hitch A Ride." Featuring Grammy-winning and platinum-status talent, the 6-song EP was produced by Johnny Duke (Little Big Town, Miranda Lambert, and Chris Stapleton). Nominated for a BMA for Country Artist of the Year and referred to as "Boston's Honky Tonk Country Queen" and "one of the best original country acts in New England," she has been featured on The Bull, Country 102.5, and indie radio stations across the country.