The Sonic Post House

Heading into post production on your project?


At the Sonic Post House , we offer both the organization and creative work to bring your project through the post-production and pre-distribution finish line. 


In the Post House: 

Track 1: The Sound

  • in-house roster of music available for sync
  • ByteMe! sound bytes
  • ADR & voice-over services


Track 2: The Team

  • Music Department
    • music supervision
    • music clearance
    • music team including editors, music coordinators etc. 
    • composers
  • Sound Department
    • sound mixers
    • ADR
    • foley artists
    • voice-over artists


Track 3: The Go-Between

  • post-production paperwork needs
  • deadlines and deliverables for all sound needs


The Sonic Post-House is available for all variety of content including feature films, short film, documentary, webseries, podcasts or other projects. 

 Contact us for a consultation on your project!