The Sonic Post House

Heading into post production on your project?

We can be THE GO-BETWEEN! 


At the Vintage-T Post House, we offer both the organization and creative work to bring your project through the pre-release finish line. 

What we can do: 

- Music supervision is our speciality! We work with in house creatives as well as sourcing your dream songs to build your soundtrack.

- Hire/find post crew including composers, sound mixers, music supervisors and editors. 

- Organizing your post-paperwork. This includes all needed information for your producers and distribution. 

- The Go-Between. Between all creatives, communication is key. We help facilitate discussions and plans between all parties involved to keep you on schedule and on-budget. 


The Sonic Post-House is available for all variety of content including feature films, short film, documentary, webseries, podcasts or other projects. 

 Contact us for a consultation on your project!