Mastering the Royalty-Verse

Artists: Need help registering your music for an array of royalties? Want marketing direction towards those desired royalties?   

Catalogs & PMLs: Need help organizing your metadata for sync and licensing opportunities? 


In the Royalty-Verse:  

Track 1: The Royalty 

  • royalty registration services including new account creation and registrations
  • royalty organization such as metadata management and royalty income tracking 


    Track 2: The Catalog

    • catalog management services including metadata organization for licensing opportunities
    • who said DISCO was dead? DISCO account creation and organization for all metadata 


    Track 3: The Forward

    • distribution assistance for digital releases
    • marketing assistance targeted towards royalty interest and artist long-term goals


    As technology expands, the way to listen to music is also growing. Distribution, streaming and other means of obtaining music can vary the options artists have to make money. Catalog owners are now finding many licensing options available but to navigate those means your metadata needs to be more organized than ever.


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